Feng Shui Home Enhancer Kit 2017

By | January 19, 2017

Feng Shui Home Enhancer Kit 2017 Year of Rooster

A Feng Shui enhancer should be well-positioned in order to maximize its auspicious power. When the enhancer is appropriate to the manifestation of energy of certain region, it can play a significant role in helping one to achieve his ideals.

Designed in elegance and chosen carefully by experienced Feng Shui Master from authentic Feng Shui School, the Feng Shui Enhancer Kit 2017 for year of the Rooster, comprising the best Feng Shui tools for each auspicious star, takes care of every important aspect in life that ranges from career, business, finance, education, relationship, marriage and children.

  1. Dislay one Green Crystal Ball (Wood Element by color, Earth Element by material) with one Feng Shui Red Dragon Turtle (Fire Element)  in northeast region to foster education luck, and generate inspiration and cultivate personal talent for propitious star #4.
    (Note: This area belongs to Earth Element. If you just display wood element here to enhance the flying star #4, Wood Element will destroy Earth Element and cause some problems. Therefore we need some Fire Element here to let Wood generate Fire, then Fire generate Earth. This is the reason we display one green crystal ball and one red dragon turtle – Wood Element, Earth Element and Fire Element).
  2. Green Crystal Balls Feng Shui Dragon Turtle

  3. Display or hang one 9 Deity Invocation Tablet in the southeast to stimulate the propitious energy of star #9 to promote delight events, such as promotion, new start of enterprise, marriage and giving birth of new baby..
  4. 9 Deity Invocation Tablet

  5. Bejeweled Dragon on Seal in the east to maximize the auspicious energy of star #8.
  6. Bejeweled Dragon on Seal

  7. Display one Pair of Golden Camels in the center to enhance the propitious energy and resolve conflicts.
  8. Pair of Golden Camels

  9. Display one White Tara Mirror in the north to activate the career star #6.
  10.  White Tara Mirror

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