Chinese Horoscope Rabbit 2017

By | January 15, 2017

Chinese Horoscope Rabbit 2017

Chinese Horoscope Rabbit 2017:

Visited by two powerful felicitous stars Ziwei and Longde, zodiac Rabbit will meet great opportunities of positive transformation. Ziwei, the promising emperor star, will favor you with auspicious power and intelligence. Under the shield of Ziwei, you will have lots of chances to obtain authority and bring your talent into full play, while Longde star will bless you with great benefactor luck. The lifting auspicious chi from these two stars will carve a year of fulfillment for Rabbit People. Nonetheless, even the overall luck is upgrading, it is not a year of complete plain sailing. You need to beware of the hindrances, conflicts and sudden accidents because of the invasions of the ominous stars Tiane (fallen disaster) and Baobai (unexpected failure) in your constellation. To deflect the evil stars and stimulate the fortuitous chi in your constellation, place Tai Sui Plaque 2017 in the west region of your house.

Tips for Career:

The general career fortune fluctuates for the trespass of Suisha (annual grave) and Tiansha (celestial turbulence). In order to overcome various obstructions in the work and grant your ambitions to come true, you can place the Heavenly Star Keychain in the southwest To prevent yourself from disagreements and gossips, you can place the Prosperity Prayer Wheel Keychain in the southeast region of your working place. For those who want to activate the inspirational luck and bring in more benefactor energy, they can displace 7-Level Pagoda KeyChain Amulet in the west region of their office. Since your fame constellation is blazing this year, you should never miss such a great chance to foster your talent in your professional field. To boost the promotional fortune and fully seize the occasions in the work, displaying the Red Bhrum Syllable in the east and to stimulate the lucky stars.

Tips for Wealth:

With the Ziwei star and Longde star shinning upon your horoscope, the regular income fortune arises according to your career luck. Those embarking on business or striving with unstable income, they will meet favorable clients in the work. Business people will have chance to cooperate with some solid partners, therefore, new products can be exploited and new market can be open. Since the menacing star Baobai stays in your horoscope, impediments happen in the course and your plan will be ruined in the midst of success unpredictably. Their presence will affect your financial luck. Therefore, the windfall luck will occur. Nonetheless, it is safer to plan for the long run since ominous stars Tiane and Baobai are both in your way and likely to bring you sudden loss. To unclog the path to the abundance and prosper your wealth, you need to place the  Heavenly Star Keychain in the southwest  to stimulate the dominant stars of opulence and bliss. Carrying the Green Tara Pendant  is beneficial to suppress the vicious energy.

Tips for Relationship:

The troublemaker Baobai will devastate most of your efforts in pursuit of love, and spell some dissonances in the marriage and family wise. Being temperamental and having affair are the main challenges the couples would face. Strains and other emotional problems will bring about clashes and disputes. Couples can place Bejeweled Apple Keychain – Ping Peace Amulet in the west of their bedroom to cure the disharmony in the family and manage a satisfying and cordial marital life. To prevent from the disturbance of third party, they can hide the Metal Rooster inside closet and have the rooster face out. To find a suitable partner and stabilize a blissful relationship, singles can maximize their love energy by hanging the The New Moon Rabbit Amulet in the southeast and placing the Bejeweled Apple Keychain – Ping Peace Amulet in the west of the bedroom to enhance the overall love fortune.

Tips for Health:

The general health is good; however, the destructive stars Tiane may cause some un-called-for disaster. As the name of Tiane star means (fallen disaster), it is likely to create some startles when you are out for travelling (changes of weather, or package loss). Pay specific attention to safety of traffic and outdoor activity. Buying travel insurance is suggested for those who need to travel this year this year. Fortunately, with the Longde and Ziwei stars in your fortune journey; you will turn out to be fine eventually. Those who need to travel should consider buying insurance in advance of the journey. To safeguard your health and suppress the ill chi, you could display a  Vajra Bell with 8 Auspicious Symbols in the northwest and Sun Moon 8-Rod Wind Chime in the south. To ward off the violent energy that causes accidental injuries, you can carry the Blue Tara Mirror for Subduing Violence, Dark Spells and Disasters. Be aware of the unexpected accidents related to “height” since Tiane means fallen mishap (for example, objects fallen from height). Keep the southwest, west, and northeast regions calm and avoid doing reconstruction there). Also one  Medicine Buddha Health Talisman Card with you is highly recommended.

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