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Monthly Flying Star 2015 for Feb 4th-Mar 5th

Flying stars, as the manifestation of solar energy, go with pattern of the sun. The solar January, known as the month of Tiger, starts on February 4th and ends on March 5th. In this period, the monthly flying star and the annual flying star create a new energy combo in each corner of house, thus producing some new potential opportunities and danger to the family member.

In this monthly flying star chart of solar January, the black number on the upper left of each grid is the annual star of the corresponding corner; therefore, it is unchanged throughout the year. The orange number stays in the center of every grid is the monthly star, changing every month. The 1st Monthly Flying Star Chart for Feb 4th-Mar 5th is as followings:

Monthly Flying Stars

The monthly flying star 2015 instruction is designed to help a Feng Shui practicer to fully seize the propitious opportunity by properly stimulating the right energy of a benign stars combo, and minimize the potential danger by resolving the ominous energy combo.

Stand in the center of your house/office. Take a look at where the main door and the master bedroom are, or, in term of business location, the spot of the office table, main entrance and cashier table locate. See what star combos in these areas. Then follow by the instruction below to maximize the auspicious energy and deflect the ominous energy of every month.

For example, the following picture is one of our clients’ apartment layouts, shown under her permission. Her apartment is facing north; her study room is in southwest corner, her bedroom southeast, living room northwest and main entrance northeast.

Monthly Flying Stars Example

In the solar January of 2015, the monthly star #8, an auspicious earth star, supports the energy of the yearly benign metal star. The energy is very well circulating and beneficial for both career and finance luck, meaning that one can enhance her financial luck by activating the auspicious flying star combo 6/8 in the northeast corner.

However, the household needs to pay great attention to health problem since her bedroom locates in the southeast corner, trespassed by the annual sick star #2. The new arrival of star #4, albeit an auspicious star, only worsens the situation because of conflict between the wood energy of #4 and earth energy of #2. As a result, besides sickness, stomach and digest system problem, one may experience illness such as slightly as catching a cold, feeling muscular soreness, or as serious sickness related to respiratory system even tumor.

Similarly, the study room in the southwest corner, occupied by a yearly joyous star #9, will bestow the user of that corner joyous luck related to her occupation. Nevertheless, given the combo of 9/2, the solar January may be not very optimistic, simply due to the emergence of monthly star #2. The fire energy of the auspicious star #9 was wasted supporting earth energy of star#2. Thus, the joy disappears and sickness appears.

The living room is the creative corner of the year due to the visit of inspiration wood star #4. In this solar January, the visit of another benign metal star #6 in this corner, however, creates a conflict in energy and thus affects the propitious outcome of #4. In order to stimulate the promising star #4, water energy must be applied in this corner.
You can tell that, in this house, the southeast and southwest corners of this house are the potentially ominous corners of this month if no remedy applied, while the northeast and northwest corners are the potentially auspicious corners of the month if being well activated.

Here we offer a check-list of monthly propitious corners and dangerous ones.

Monthly ominous corners:
1. East: Monthly star #3 and annual star #1: Fire Protection Wheel Mirror of Avalokiteshvara
2. Center: Monthly star #5 and annual star #3: 5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life
3. West: Monthly star #7 and annual star #5: 8-rod Blue Water Drop Windchime
4. Southwest: Monthly star #2 and annual star #9: Polished Brass Wu Lou
5. South: Monthly star #9 and annual star #7: Anti-Burglary Plaque
6. Southeast: Monthly star #4 and annual star #2: Health Amulet

Monthly auspicious corner:
7. North: Monthly star #1 and annual star #8: Prosperity Medallion Pendant
8. Northwest: Monthly star #6 and annual star #4: Bejeweled Imperial Blue Water Dragon
9. Northeast: Monthly star #8 and annual star #6: Citrine Tree in Dragon Pot