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Chinese New Year 2014

Chinese New Year 2014Chinese New Year 2014 is coming soon!

2014 Chinese new year will falls on Jan. 31, 2014 (Friday). It will be the year of the wood horse.

Chinese New Year is also called Chinese Spring Festival which is the biggest festival in China. There are a lot of Chinese New Year cerebration events and fairs in many major cities around the world in 2014.

Chinese red envelopes and Chinese coins are the most popular gifts in Chinese New Year. In addition, cleaning house before Chinese New Year and decorating the house using new year decoration paper and good luck items on Chinese New Year are also the necessary steps in order to ward off some bad energy accumulated in the previous year and welcome auspicious energy in the coming year. See more Chinese New Year Items.

Interested in how to celebrate Chinese New Year and things can’t be done in Chinese New Year, see Chinese New Year for details.

Tai Sui 2014

Tai Sui 2014

Tai Sui (太岁) is known as Grand Duke Jupiter. He is the star directly opposite to Jupiter and changes location every year according to the Jupiter. In Taoism and feng shui, tai sui is in charge of people’s fortune and world’s affairs.

There are 60 different Tai Sui who take turn to be in charge in a specific year since there are 10 Heaven Branches and 12 Earth Branches resulting in a 60 year cycle.

Most of the Tai Sui have military background, they are also well known as military Generals. Therefore, the feature of the Tai sui and the weapon in each of the Generals signify what year it is under that General. For instance, if the Tai Sui is holding a pen in that year, it means that political stirring in that year. On the another hand, if the Tai Sui is holding a sword, it means to work hard and better in that year.

2014 Tai Sui is General ZhangCi (章詞) who is playing zither and reading books. This Tai sui predicts that 2014 will not be a peaceful year since he is using his zither to calm down people and teaching people to read more books.

Tai Sui also influences the Chinese Zodiac and people’s fortune. Tai Sui 2014 is sitting on the position of the Horse and directly conflict to Rat and side conflict to Rabbit and Rooster. By feng shui practice, it is recommended to display one Tai Sui plaque in where the Tai Sui sits – this is in the south position in 2014. In addition, the above zodiac persons need to carry Tai Sui amulet or Grand Duke Appeaser Amulet in order to appease Tai Sui and get good fortune.