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Feng Shui Tips 2014 – Flying Stars 2014

The year of 2014 is the year of horse. However, the start of the year of horse, Li Chun (the start of spring), the first solar term of 2014, will be at 6:12 am on February 4th, 2014. The annual flying star will relocate after that time; the new flying star chart thus shows below. To ensure a year of safety, health, abundance and smooth sailing, one can stimulate the auspicious chi and suppress the ominous energy by re-arranging the feng shui tools in the light of the new energy pattern of the house.

The chart below is the annual flying star chart for the year of horse. The chart divides the house (office) into 9 grids. South is on the top, North is in the bottom, East is on the left and West is on the right side of the map (It is the opposite of the regular map). This map tells you where a specific flying star will locate.

feng shui flying stars map 2014

How can I follow it?
Step one: Find the center of your house or your office. It is usually the intersection of two diagonals of the house.

feng shui step 1

Step Two: Slowly rotate your compass. Let the needle point to the due south/north (depends the version of your compass).

Do your compass reading as your needle stays still.

feng shui step 2

Step Three: Divide your house into eight portions from the point where you are standing.

feng shui step 3

Step Four: Follow the following instructions to display Feng Shui cure or enhancer in the corresponding region.

1. Southeast of the House:

Flying star #3 will locates in the southeast region of the house. As one of the inauspicious stars, star #3 causes arguments, damage, lawsuit, etc. Southeast in original Ba Gua belongs to Xun Gua, which implies the eldest daughter, widow, female between ages 30 to 45 years old, and the Chinese zodiac dragon and snake. Accordingly, the attributes of star #3 will occur to people who are in these categories. For those whose main doors are in the Southeast region, they should also pay extra attention to the forthcoming unfavorable energy.

Feng Shui Cures:

Since star #3 belongs to wood element, one can hang or display more red items in this area to dissolve this inauspicious star’s wood energy. Magic Fire Wheel with Metal Base or Ksitigarbha Fireball for Displaying is best feng shui cures to suppress the energy of star #3 in this region.

Zodiac Snake should carry Chundi Talisman Card; Zodiac Dragon should carry Feng Shui Amulet.

Magic Fire Wheel with Metal Base Ksitigarbha Fireball for Displaying

2. East of the House:

Flying star #2 will locates in the east region of the house.As the star of sickness, #2 causes illness, especially digestive system problem. East in original Babua belongs to Zhen Gua, which represents the eldest son and males between ages 30 to 45 years old, or the Chinese zodiac Rabbit. Hence, the eldest son, males between ages 30 to 45 years old, or people who are Chinese Zodiac Rabbit might be more susceptible to stomach, digestive system disease or other ailments that others are. In view of the east region also preserving the energy of star #3, this combination of star#2 and #3 causes dissonance for the family or working place. One whose main door is located in east should also beware of ill and quarrelsome energy.

Feng Shui cures:

Star #2 belongs to earth element and it will be ferocious since the east region where it locates is wood element. The conflict between earth and wood elements will bring out even more potential dangers of #2, such as disagreement, fight and accident.

Displaying the Medicine Buddha Plaque or 5 Element Pagoda with Mantra in the east can dissolve some illness chi. In addition, display Brass Wu Lou Carved with Chinese Herbs (either shinning or brown color) in this location can help a lot since Wu Lou is one of the best cures to decrease sickness chi.

Zodiac Rabbit should carry Green Dzambhala Talisman Card.

Medicine Buddha Plaque 5 Element Pagoda with Mantra

3. Southwest of the House:

Star #1 locates in the southwest region. As the star of relationship, star #1 brings propitious energy for love, networking and business. SW in the original Ba Gua represents mother, female household, female over 45 years old, Chinese zodiac Ram and zodiac Monkey. Therefore, flying star #1 will affect mostly to people who are in this category and those whose main doors locate in SW of their house.

Feng Shui enhancers:

Star #1 belongs to water element. One can display Bejeweled White Umbrella or Dragon Sailing Boat Carrying Wealth to enhance the harmonious chi of star #1.

Zodiac Ram should carry White Tara Talisman Card; Zodiac Monkey should carry Black Dzambhala Talisman Card.

Bejeweled White Umbrella Dragon Sailing Boat Carrying Wealth

4. Center of the House:

Star #4 locates in the central region of the house. The center is recognized as the original point of Tai ji, through where chi redistributes over other regions. It is also the point of emptiness as any other stars, besides Five Yellow, are hard to develop their potentials.

As a result, the energy of star #4, though not as powerful as it was used to be, might take a bit longer to fully grow. That being said, the creative power of star #4 should never be lower estimated. Especially for those who seek to further their education, professionals who hanker after making a breakthrough in the artistic field, or someone who gets stuck in their life, #4 is extremely beneficial for generating inspiration and cultivating potential talent.

Feng Shui enhancers:

Star #4 belongs to wood element. In order to maximize the auspicious chi of this creative star, one can display Bejeweled Green Dzambhala or Aventurine Gem Tree with Coins in this location.

Those who want to tap the chi of star #4 should carry Manjushri Bodhisattva Talisman Card.

Bejeweled Green Dzambhala Aventurine Gem Tree with Coins

5. Northwest of the House:

Star #5, the notorious Five Yellow, will locate in the northwest region of the house. Five Yellow belongs to earth element. It possesses the most unstable energy of all nine flying stars and always brings unexpected changes and accidents to life. Keep in mind that the northwest region this year is also partly inflicted by Three Killings, which doubles the potential danger of this place. Therefore, the northwest region should be kept calm and avoid any reconstruction.

NW region is Qian Gua in original Bagua whilst Qian Gua represents father, male household, males over 45 years old, Chinese zodiac Dog or zodiac Pig. Consequently these groups of people and people whose main doors locate in NW should be aware of the ominous energy of Five Yellow.

Feng Shui Cures:

The effective way to suppress Five Yellow is to hang Wu Lou Wind Chime or Sun Moon 8-Rod Wind Chime in this corner.

Zodiac Dog should carry Five Dzambhala Talisman Card; Zodiac Pig should carry White Dzambhala Talisman Card.

Wu Lou Wind Chime Sun Moon 8-Rod Wind Chime

6. West of the House:

Star #6, the career star, will stay in the west region this year. Representing career, promotion, benefactor and positive changes, #6 is one of most promising star in the nine-star family.

West in original Ba Gua is Dui Gua that represents youngest female, the third daughter, females under 15 years old, or zodiac rooster, etc. People who belong to the above category or whose main doors locate in the west should grasp the opportunity to stimulate the propitious energy of #6.

Feng Shui enhancers:

To activate the auspicious energy of star #6, one can display Dragon Heaven Seal or 6 Metal Emperor Smooth Coins with HEAVEN AND EARTH AMULET Keychain in this corner.

Zodiac Rooster should carry Sakyamuni Buddha Talisman Card.

Dragon Heaven Seal    6 Metal Emperor Smooth Coins HEAVEN AND EARTH AMULET Keychain

7. Northeast of the House:

This inauspicious flying star also represents theft and loss. It may sound untenable to have the property lost all of a sudden. Nonetheless, the most common case is, according to our experience, that we may lose value in our stocking market or housing market. Therefore, investing will be very careful. The star will always find certain way to release its energy.

In the original Ba gua, Northeast belongs to Gen Gua that signifies the third son or the youngest son, or zodiac Ox or zodiac Tiger. Therefore, people who are the in the categories,or those whose main doors locate in the northeast should beware of the ominous energy of star #7.

Since flying star #7 belongs to metal element, it will be supported by the earth element in the northeast region. Thus the ominous effect of #7 will be double and appear in a more manifest way in the year of horse, especially for those whose main door locates in the northeast. Avoid arguing with others and patience will prevent you from being involved in further entanglements.

Feng shui cures:

Display Bejeweled Medicine Buddha or Blue Rhino and Elephant Water Feature in the northeast corner is the best feng shui remedy to this unfortunate star. For people who are zodiac Rooster, it is better to carry Anti Burglary Amulet.

Zodiac Ox should carry Amitayus Buddha Talisman Card. Zodiac Tiger should carry Yellow Dzambhala Talisman Card.


Bejeweled Medicine Buddha Blue Rhino and Elephant Water Feature

8. South of the House:

The wealth star #8 will locate in the south region in 2014. This auspicious star will bring you career luck and prosperity. If your main door locates in south, you will have great chance to enhance your financial luck. However, since south region is also the place of Tai Sui this year, any reconstructions should be avoided.

South is Li Gua, which represents the middle-aged female, or the second daughter or females between 16 and 30 years old, or zodiac Horse, etc. As a result, people who were born in the zodiac sign of Horse, middle-aged female, or the second daughter or females between 16 and 30 years old, or have main door located in the south will benefit from positive energy of #8. If being activated properly, the energy of #8 can be elevated by the power of Tai Sui.

Feng shui enhancers:

To borrow the propitious power of Tai Sui, One can place one Pi Yao w/ Flaming Sword.

Since flying star #8 belongs to Earth element, you can use Yellow Jade Wealthy Pot with Ingots or 7 Jade Ingots on Star of David Crystal Base with one 8-coin charm on the side to activate flying star #8. Zodiac Horse should carry Red Dzambhala Talisman Card to increase more money luck. 


Pi Yao w/ Flaming Sword Yellow Jade Wealthy Pot with Ingots 7 Jade Ingots on Star of David Crystal Base 8-coin charm 

9. North of the House:

Star #9 is the star of bliss that signifies delight events, such as promotion, marriage and new start of enterprise, marriage and giving birth of new baby. North in the original bagua symbolizes the second son, zodiac Rat, or the male between 15 and 30 years old. As a result, people who were born in the zodiac sign rat, second son, or the male between 15 and 30 years old might take advantage of this auspicious star. One will also benefit from this star in the coming year if the main door of one’s house or office locates in the north. That being said, the north region is also the areas of Sui Po (in the opposite direction of Tai Sui) and Three Killings. Therefore, do avoid any kind of reconstruction in this region.

Feng shui tips:

In order to suppress the menacing energy of Sui Po, hang one Good Luck Red Scroll.

To alleviate the threatening energy of Three Killings, one can display one 3 Divine Guardians with Flaming Sword for 3 Killings.

Flying star #9 belongs to fire element. One can display Red Crystal Globe with mani or Bejeweled Red Tara in the north to stimulate the propitious energy of star #9.  Zodiac Rat should carry Harmony Talisman Card.

Good Luck Red Scroll 3 Divine Guardians with Flaming Sword for 3 Killings Red Crystal Globe with mani  Bejeweled Red Tara

Overall of feng shui tips 2014

In 2014 year of the Horse, we need to pay special attention to south, northwest, north, southeast and northeast, especially for the first three, which are the positions of Tai Sui, Five Yellow, Sui Po and Three Killings. These regions of the house or office should avoid reconstructions for the vibration will easily bring accidents to life. The other two regions—northeast and southeast are regions of disharmony and violence unless feng Shui cures being applied, but otherwise one should not stay there for too long.

West and southwest are auspicious places that one can stay more often than usual. One can place water fountain in the west since it is also the “water” place in the period of eight while southwest is a great “mountain” place from where one’s health and career can benefit. One can choose southwest as a place to read and study.

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Blue Rhino and Elephant Water Feature

2014 Feng Shui Books and New Feng Shui Products

2014 Lillian Too’s annual zodiac books, feng shui almanac and feng shui diary are in stock soon at category Feng Shui Books. In addition, we will also get a lot of new Lillian Too’ feng shui products as Lillian Too recommended. Following is a little brief 2014 feng shui tips on how to use those feng shui items:

1. 18 Arm Chundi, known as Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy in the Chinese world, is a generous, merciful Goddess who will give supportive hand to the prayers who call to her and bring harmony and protection to families.

In the year of 2014, place 18 Arm Chundi in the southwest or west to stimulate career luck, networking and attract more benefactors.

2. Place Yellow Crystal Ball or Yellow Jade Wealthy Pot with Ingots in the south or west to enhance the wealth fortune.

3. Double Dorje symbol (double vajra) is a tantric tool believed to emit cosmic power and is able to subdue ominous energy. Place in the southwest or west corner to maximize the auspicious annual energy. Place it in the east or northwest to ease the ill-developed earth chi.

4. Display the White Dzambhala Plague in the house or the business location (ideally also the southwest or west corner for 2014). The four goddesses along with the powerful mantras will persistently emit propitious chi that is favorable for financial stability and harmony to the family.

5. Place the Longevity Vase in the east or the northwest to prevent the illness caused by sick star #2 (Two Black) and #5 (Five Yellow).

6. The placement of Golden Wu Lou in the east is helpful to combat the sick star #2.

7. Carry the Tortoise Chakra amulet with you to support your personal health energy.

8. Display the Nine Amulets to ease the quarrelsome energy of star #3.
Display the Red and Gold Glitter Lamp to ease the quarrelsome energy of star #3.
Display the Hum Light to ease the quarrelsome energy of star #3.

9. Place Carp Crossing the Dragon Gate in the center to stimulate the scholastic honors, inspiration and educational luck.

10. Display the Colorful Mandarin Ducks/ Love Birds / Double Happiness Symbols and lots of Peonies in the center of the house to appeal the peach blossom luck.

11. The Standing Wrathful Image of Guru Rinpoche should be placed in the northwest region of the house to combat the robbery star and ominous Five Yellow.

12. To subdue the ill-developed energy of five yellow, one can place Heart Sutra Ritual Bell in the northwest.

13. To activate the auspicious energy in the west, one can place Happiness Events Musical Boxes and display Jade Emperor Holding a Sun and a Moon Windchime to cultivate the metal energy of star #6.

14. To usher the propitious blessing energy from west direction, hang a Six Rod Winddhime Embossed with the celestial Image of Amitabha Buddha Resting his Pure Land in the west sector of the house.

15. One needs to place Rhino and Elephant Yin Water Cure/ Anti-Burglary Plague/ 5 Element yin Water Cure in the northeast to subdue the star#7.

16. Place the Eight Immortals seated on an auspicious mountain of Gold in the south to gather wealth luck.

17. One can also place Vairocana Stupa in the south region to usher propitious energy of harmony and abundance.

18. Place the Solid Crystal Balls with Sacred Empowerments in the south to energize the earth element and magnify the potential of star #8.

19. Placing a Golden Deity in the southwest can enhance one’s business luck and attract benefactors in his career.

20. For zodiac Snake and zodiac Rabbit who belong to metal and water element, they should carry some Health Amulets with them to strengthen their health luck.

21. Place Heart Sutra Crystal Ball in the south to stimulate the earth element of the wealth star #8.

22. Place Victorious Generals on Horseback to highlight the confidence and bring up the rich potential of a business.

23. Place the Mongoose Spouting Jewels in the southwest to actualize your accumulation of wealth in the year of 2014.

24. Keep the Power Elephant on the office table to bring you success in career. Place a Pair of Precious White Elephants in the west or southwest to generate tremendous wealth luck.

25. To actualize one’s ambitious financial plan, one can display the Kubera, the powerful Wealth God in the west to maximize the wealth energy of Six White.

26. To prevent one from disharmony and quarrelsome energy, one can carry some Protection Talisman Card against Angry People. For those who are eager to actualize their life plan, they can be benefited by placing Big Auspicious Mirror in the east region.

27. Place Three Celestial Guardians in the north to prevent one from the harm of Tai Sui and Three Killings since the direction that is in conflict with Tai Sui is north. One can also appease the Tai Sui by carrying a Tai Sui Amulet, or place two Pi Yao in the south or north.

28. Those who needs water element can wear Talisman Locket for Rat and Boar since both of the animals are able to strengthen water element.

29. Displaying a White Elephant with Amulet Wheel Carrying Ruyi on His Trunk on one’s office can bring one the luck of great power.

30. Display the Bejeweled Images of the Wind Horse on your work table to stimulate your potential success fortune.

31. To enhance the energy of Sum-of-Ten, place 10 little Black stones in the north. Place Wish Fulfilling Tree in the north to realize your financial plan and bring you success in career.

32. Place the Anti-Robbery Plague in the northeast to suppress the metal energy of star#7.

33. Carry the Peace and Harmony Amulet or place it in the southeast corner of the house to bring in harmony and happiness.

34. Place Heaven Luck Amulet in the west to enhance career luck and benefactor luck. Hang the Health Amulet in the east to ease the ill-developed earth energy.

35. Carry the 2014 Annul Amulet to prevent one from harm of Taisui.

36. Place the Bejeweled Kalachakra Stupa in the west or southwest to enhance the career luck and monetary fortune. Place Bejeweled Earth Stupa in the south or west to boost one’s financial fortune.