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Fu Dog in Feng Shui

Chinese Foo DogsWhat is Fu Dog?
Fu Dog is the door guardian of the heaven gate. It is usually referred to one pair of lion-like statues which have strong muscular body, fear-inspiring face and curly hair. This one pair of fu dog statue has one male fu dog and one female fu dog. The male one is usually has one ball under his foot and the one with a little baby fu dog is the female fu dog. Fu Dog is also called foo dog, lion dog, temple lion or Chinese guardian lions.

Fu Dog in feng shui
Fu dog can safeguard premises and bring auspicious energy into premises. In feng shui practice, fu dog statues are used to displayed in front of the door or the hall way near to the door to prevent bad spirits and harmful energy into the home or business. Foo dog also can nourishes auspicious chi into home and bring happy blessings as well as its ultimate protection.

How to display Fu Dog?
Fu Dog can be displayed at either side of the main door, hallway or raised high up on both sides of the main gate, stairs or escalator. The level for them can be either on the floor level or a little higher level. When the foo dog comes with one pair, the male Chinese guardian lion with one ball under his foot is on the left side when you look outside from inside of your house. The female Chinese guardian lion with one baby lion is on the right side same as looking outside from inside of your house.

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