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Moon festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhongqiu festival

The Chinese Moon festival is on the 15th of the 8th Lunar month. Moon Festival is known as Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhongqiu festival or Union Festival. It is the second largest Chinese traditional festivals in China.

There are a lot of beautiful legends about Moon Festival. The favorite beautiful legend is ChangEr (嫦娥), Hare and Woodchopper. It is said on this day the moon is the “biggest” and “brightest” in the whole year. On this day, Chinese like to gather together at night under the moon eating moon cakes to represent union and harmony since the traditional moon cakes have the same shape of the moon – circle. Moon cakes are the traditional food and Moon Rabbit is the symbol of the Moon festival.

Besides of eating moon cakes, Chinese would like to light up their home brightly, burn incenses and make wishes to the moon. Moon festival is the good day to pray and make wishes. It is believed that Moon can help you wishes come true, especially those reunion wishes. Children also can wish that they have smart mind and get high score in their education.

A lot of Asian cerebrate Moon Festival, such as Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Some places have fire dragon dance and display big lantern. You will see a lot communities have Moon Festival Cerebration. Don’t forget to make a wish at that night. You can simply go outside or in your back yard, stand or knee down facing to the moon, then pray to the moon and ask the moon to help you wishes coming true.

2012 Chinese moon festival falls on Sep. 30.
2013 Chinese moon festival falls on Sep. 19.
2014 Chinese moon festival falls on Sep. 8.
2015 Chinese moon festival falls on Sep. 27.