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White Jade Bai ChoiJade is one kind of precious gemstones. It is popular all over the world, especially in Asia. Jade can be used as wearing, displaying or massage use. Jade is also can be used as healing cure since jade can help body circulation.

Jade has hard jade and soft jade. Hard jade are usually Burmese jade and soft jade are produced in Xinjiang, China. Both soft jade and hard jade are either opaque or semi-transparent and they can be with various colors, such as green, white, yellow and black.

How to Identify Jade?
You can identify jade’s grade by the following ways:
1. Put one drop on the jade. The jade will be good jade if the drop doesn’t spread out.
2. Good jade will be cool and smooth if you tough it.
3. The color of the good jade will be transparent and even.
4. Real jade has astringent taste if you use your tongue taste it.
5. Jade is hard and regular knife can’t carve it.
6. No crack and no black spot for good jade.

Jade Heart PendantHow to Take Care of Jade?
1. Avoid to hit the jade to hard stuffs. If jade is hit hard, there will be some cracks inside.
2. Avoid to shine under the sun for a long time.
3. Avoid chemical items, such as perfume, soap, etc.
4. Use soft white cloth to clean jade and avoid to use colorful hard cloth.
5. Clean regularly. You can apply some light soap water to clean if you can’t clean it using clean water.
6. For new jade, you can soap that jade inside the water several hours, then dry it out using soft cloth.

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