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Feng Shui Mirrors

Mirrors can be used as feng shui enhancers. Mirrors in the right positions can create excellent feng shui. Using mirrors to reflect good luck symbol to enhance auspicious energy. For example, placing one mirror in your crowd shop can make your shop “bigger” and “double” your customers.

Mirrors can be used as feng shui remedies. Placing mirrors in the walls of the missing corners can fix the missing corners and balance the uncompleted shape. Make sure not let the mirrors face to the door, hallway, stairs or toilets. Mirrors also can be wrapped around the columns to block the “Sha Chi” generated from the columns.

Mirrors can be used as feng shui cures. Mirrors can reflect bad chi back to its original. If your house faces to street, electric pole or something sharp corners, hanging one feng shui mirror above the main door is the excellent cures to it. Remember not to display mirror directly in the back or side of your bed. Mirror in the back or side of your bed will let you feel unsafe and like in hypnosis sometimes.

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Four Season Flowers

Four season flowers are peony, lotus, Chrysanthemum and orchid. In feng shui, these four season flowers are considered four lucky flowers. Displaying pictures or artificial of Four Season Flowers at home can suffuse your home with blooming energy which brings good luck, prosperity, harmony and wealth.

The meanings of the Four Season Flowers are as followings:
Peony: Peony has the meanings of romance and love;
Lotus: Lotus stands for purity and love;
Chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemum has the meanings of wealth and prosperity;
Orchid: Orchid stands for career success

Flying Stars

What are Flying Stars?
Flying Stars are nine flying stars which can used to foretell whether a house or location is good or bad. Nine flying stars are One White Mercury, Two Black Saturn, Three Jade Jupiter, Four Green Jupiter, Five Yellow Loess Star, Six White Platinum Star, Seven Red Venus, Eight White Saturn and Nine Purple Mars.

What are Meanings of Flying Stars?

  1. One White Mercury: 1 White is the auspicious flying star which is in control of further education, official ranking, prosperity and relationship
  2. Two Black Saturn: 2 Black is known as the sickness inauspicious flying star that brings illness, disease, etc health problems.
  3. Three Jade Jupiter: 3 Jade causes damage, arguments, lawsuit, etc trouble. It is one of the inauspicious stars
  4. Four Green Jupiter: 4 Green is education star in charge of literary, exam, inspiration and recognition. It also the star that can double the good/bad star brought by the other stars.
  5. Five Yellow Loess Star: 5 Yellow is the most deadly fictitious star that brings all kinds of bad luck, disasters, wealth loss and sickness
  6. Six White Platinum Star: 6 White is the heaven star that is for career successful.
  7. Seven Red Venus: 7 Red is the disaster star that causes fighting, robbery, stealing, accidence, etc problems.
  8. Eight White Saturn: 8 White is the wealth star that brings money luck and prosperity.
  9. Nine Purple Mars: 9 Purple is the star that stands for delight events, such as promotion, marriage and new start. It also the star that can double the good/bad star brought by the other stars.

What are the Relationship between Five Elements and Flying Stars?

  1. 1 White belongs to Water Element
  2. 2 Black belongs to Earth Element
  3. 3 Jade belongs to Wood Element
  4. 4 Green belongs to Wood Element
  5. 5 Yellow belongs to Earth Element
  6. 6 White belongs to Metal Element
  7. 7 Red belongs to Metal Element
  8. 8 White belongs to Earth Element
  9. 9 Purple belongs to Fire Element

How to Use Flying Stars and Feng Shui for Home Arrangement?
Flying stars is one of the feng shui guides to home arrangement. If one location is occupied by auspicious flying stars, we need to manifest the function of that auspicious star. On the another hand, we need to use some feng shui cures to lower down its effects if an inauspicious star is in that location. For example, one flaming sword, which belongs to Fire element, in the area of the flying star 3 Jade will weaken the Wood Element since Fire element decrease Wood element that the 3 Jade belongs to.

How to Calculate Yearly Flying Stars?
Flying StarsThere are nine different flying stars in 9 different small grids. First put number 6 in the center grid for 2012 year of the dragon, then number increased by 1 entering in the rest 8 grids by the following order: center -> NW, NW -> W, W -> NE, NE -> S, S -> N, N -> SW, SW -> E, E -> SE, SE -> center. Once number reach to number 9, the next number changes to number 1.

For next year 2013 year of the snake, we put number 5 in the center, then follow the above rule and put the rest 8 numbers in the rest of 8 grids. The chart of flying star 2013 year of the snake is as the picture shown on the left.

How to Calculate Monthly Flying Stars?
In the Chinese zodiac year of the rat, rabbit, horse and rooster, put number 8 in the center grid for the first lunar month; In the Chinese zodiac year of the ox, dragon, sheep and dog, put number 5 in the center grid for the first lunar month; In rest of the years, put number 2 in the center grid for the first lunar month. Then put the rest of the 8 numbers in those 8 grids by the order as the yearly flying stars.

For the next coming month, the number in the center number is decreased by 1. When the number reach number 1, the next number is number 9.

For example, since this year 2012 is the year of the dragon, we put number 5 in the center for the first lunar month. Then follow the above rule to put the rest 8 numbers in different grid. For second lunar number, we put number 4 in the center and put the other 8 numbers in order by the same rule. Followings are the 12 monthly flying stars for 2012.

Feb. 5, 2012 – Mar. 6, 2012(Map 1)Mar. 6, 2012 – Apr. 5, 2012(Map 2)
Jan. Flying StarFeb. Flying Star
Apr. 5, 2012 – May 6, 2012(Map 3)May 6, 2012 – Jun. 6, 2012(Map 4)
Mar Flying StarApr Flying Star
Jun 6, 2012 – Jul. 7, 2012(Map 5)Jul. 7, 2012 – Aug. 8, 2012(Map 6)
May Flying StarJune Flying Star
Aug. 8, 2012 – Sep. 8, 2012(Map 7)Sep. 8, 2012 – Oct. 8, 2012(Map 8)
July Flying StarAug Flying Star
Oct. 8, 2012 – Nov. 7, 2012(Map 9)Nov. 7, 2012 – Dec. 7, 2012(Map 10)
Sep Flying StarOct Flying Star
Dec. 7, 2012 – Jan 6, 2013(Map 11)Jan 6, 2013 – Feb. 5, 2013(Map 12)
Nov Flying StarApr Flying Star

What are the meanings of combination of the Yearly Flying Star and Monthly Flying Stars?
There will be 2 flying stars in each location – one represents year flying star and the another stands for month flying star. The yearly flying star in one location doesn’t change during that year. But the monthly flying star changes monthly in that specific location.

If one location comes with two good flying stars together, it will be very good in that location for that month. On the another hand, it will be very bad if two bad flying stars come together. Followings are some meanings of combination 2 flying stars:

  • Flying stars #3 and #2 together, it will be more argument
  • Flying stars #5 and #2 together, more sickness will happen
  • Flying stars #3 and #7 together, be careful injury
  • Flying stars #6 and #7 together, lawsuits and robbery will happen, such as getting ticket
  • Flying stars #7 and #9 together or Flying stars #7 and #2 together, be careful fire
  • Flying stars #4 and #1 together, Flying stars #1 and #6 together, career promotes or good things happens
  • Flying stars #6 and #8 together, be good for wealth
  • Flying stars #8 and #9 together, be good for marriage luck

The flying stars affect the main door the most. Second they affect bed room, office, eating table and kitchen. Therefore we usually focus our main door and check what two flying stars are during some specific time. First we need to know where the main door locates, then go to the yearly flying star map to find out the year flying star in that location, next go to the monthly flying star map to find out the month flying star for that time and that location.

2012 Flying StarsWe take 2012 flying star as example shown as the map on the left.

Example 1: Main door is in SE location and time is from Feb. 5, 2012 to Mar. 6, 2012. From the yearly flying star, we know the year flying star is flying star #5 and the monthly flying star is #4 from map 1. If main door is in South instead, there will be flying star #1 and #9 instead.

Example 2: Main door is in SE location and time is from Apr. 5, 2012 to May 6, 2012. The yearly flying star will be same as #5 and monthly star will change to #2 (from Map 3). If the main door in South location, there will be flying star #1 and #7.

From the meanings of combination, we know #5 and #2 will cause sickness. Therefore people whose main door in SE will easily get sick from Apr. 5, 2012 – May 6, 2012. By the same reason, people whose main door is in North will easily get sick from Jul. 7, 2012 – Aug. 8, 2012.

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