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Feng Shui Tips for September

Chart of August Flying Stars09/08/2011 to 10/07/2011 is Lunar August. Lunar August is against this year since this year is the year of the rabbit and lunar August is the rooster (Rooster is against Rabbit). Therefore we specially write some feng shui tips for Lunar August fell from 09/08/2011 to 10/07/2011. We need to pay more attention to this month, especially for who have the front door/back door opening in the east, west or south position.

The above chart is the flying stars for Lunar August. There are two numbers in each of the grids in the chart. The big and black color numbers represents the yearly stars while the small and green color numbers stand for the monthly stars. When the combination of the annual star and monthly star in one small grid has all auspicious stars (1, 4, 6, 8 and 9), it represents that location is the auspicious location. If the grid has all bad inauspicious stars (2, 3, 5 and 7), it means that location is occupied by bad stars. When this case, it is better not to stay long time in that location and place some feng shui cure to lower down the effect by inauspicious stars.

The meanings of the numbers that represent flying stars are as followings:

  1. #1 is the auspicious flying star that is in charge of relationship and career promotion
  2. #2 is known as the sickness inauspicious flying star that brings illness, disease, etc health problems.
  3. #3 is the inauspicious star that causes damage, arguments, lawsuit, etc trouble.
  4. #4 is education star in charge of literary, exam, inspiration and recognition. It is also the star for love.
  5. #5 is the most deadly fictitious star that brings all kinds of bad luck, disasters, wealth loss and sickness
  6. #6 is the heaven star that is for career successful.
  7. #7 is the disaster star that causes fighting, robbery, stealing, accidence, etc problems.
  8. #8 is the wealth star that brings money luck and prosperity.
  9. #9 is the star that stands for delight events, such as promotion, marriage and new start. It also the star that can double the good/bad star brought by the other stars.

The feng shui tips here, we focus on the South, West and East locstion. In the south, #2 and #5 is there. #2 is the sickness star and #5 is the star bringing all kinds of bad luck. Therefore people who has the main door/back door in the south position may get sick and more trouble in Lunar August. Displaying one Metal Wu Lou Wind Chime and one 5 element pagoda with tree of life in the South is the remedy to it.

In the west location, #9 and #3 occupy in this location, #3 will cause damage, arguments, lawsuit, etc trouble and #9 doubles its bad effect. It is better to display the Flaming Sword in the west location.

In the east location, #5 and #8 is over there. #8 will bring you some money luck. So you will have more extra income in this month if your door opens in the East. However August is the month of the rooster which is against to the year of the rabbit 2011. So it will bring you some conflict as well as some money luck. You can hang one Tai Sui Amulet and pair of Pi Yao in the East.

You can use the compass to locate the direction and make sure the position is accurate to display feng shui products. See the How to Use compass to find the location. If the house has missing corner, you need to extend the line to make the house rectangle or square.

You also can check our feng shui tips for 2011 to know more about flying stars for 2011 and what feng shui products are good as the cure.