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Flying Star for Chinese 5th Lunar Month 2010

The locations of the flying stars change very year. They also change monthly. Chinese 5th Lunar month begins from Jun 12 and ends on July 11 (Accurate date should be according to season that is from Jun 6 to July 7). The chart of the locations of the flying stars for Chinese 5th lunar month is as followings:
flying stars Chinese 5th Lunar month 2010
The number represents the name of the flying stars (The meanings of these flying star is at 2010 Flying Star). Blue numbers represent year flying stars and red numbers stand for month flying stars. Year flying stars don’t change monthly.

We need to pay attention to flying star 2 black locates in South position in May. Since 2 Black Flying Star is one of the most famous sick stars and trouble makers in flying star practice, there will be some quarrel, dispute problems if your main door is in South.

5 Yellow flying star is the sickness flying star. It is locating in E in Chinese 5th Lunar Month. If your bed in in East position of your house, you need to pay attention to your health.

In addition, both 3 Jade flying star and 3 killings are in North. If your main door is in North position, keep in mind not do any construction in this location. Be patience of everything.