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Lantern Festival

Lunar 01/15/2010 (Solar Calendar 02/28/2010) is Chinese traditional Yuan Xiao festival. Yuan Xiao festival is one of the important festivals since it is the first full moon after Chinese New Year. On this day, Chinese have traditions to hang Chinese Lanterns. Therefore Yuan Xiao festival is well known as Lantern festival.

Besides of hanging red lanterns on lantern festival, Chinese have custom to eat Tang Yuan. Tang Yua is made from glutinous rice filled with or without red bean paste, sugar, hawthorn, etc all kinds fruit materials. The pronunciation of Tang Yuan is similar to reunion. The round shape of the Tang Yuan also represents harmony and happiness. So Lantern Festival is the day people wish good luck, unity and peace.

On Lantern festival there are a lot of cerebration, such as lion dancing, playing drum, stilt walking, etc traditional performance. Chinese is also believed to walk out to walk away all kinds of diseases. So Yuan Xiao festival is the day people get rid of sickness and wish good health.

Feng Shui Products for Year of the Tiger 2010

Crystal 8 Symbol

Announcement: We got a lot of new feng shui products for year of the Tiger 2010 are in stock right now. We have posted some of them at New Feng Shui Products. These feng shui products have Tai Sui Talisman for whom offends to Tai Sui, Mandra Ring, Good Income Luck Talisman to protect against losing job, Heaven Seal Talisman, Magic Fire Wheel, Hum Amulet, Cosmic Tortoise, Victory Banner Wind Chime, Water Ritual of the White Dzambhala, Crystal 8 Symbol, Blue Rhino and 6 Tusks Elephant, blue Rhino/Elephant door plaque, 6 metal coins, Three Tiger Deities, etc.

The significants of some above feng shui products are as followings: Crystal 8 Symbol bringing wealth; Flaming Magic Wheel reducing negative energy; Blue Rhino and 6 Tusks Elephant protecting you; Wealthy Vase providing good income luck, etc.

Wealthy Vase