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Get Reward Points

There are two ways to get rewards, You can use your reward toward your order after checkout.

1. Place your order and get reward points. You can get 10% of your subtotal as your reward points. For example, you will get 10 reward points if your subtotal is $100.

2. Refer a friend and get reward points.
Your Reward:
As your initial reward, you will receive 10 rewards points once you refer your first five friends. Additionally, for every friend you refer that makes a purchase on our site, you will receive an additional 10 rewards points in your account.

Your Friend’s Reward:
Your friend will receive 10 rewards points to use toward their first purchase.

We require that you have an account with us to get reward points. At the time of checkout, you can simply create your account by choosing your username, password and selecting the accepting offers.

See How it works when referring a friend and getting reward points.

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