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Kua Number and Auspicious Location

Feng Shui Kua Number is also Gua Number or Qua Number. It is based on the lunar year of birth and gender. Kua number can tell one person’s auspicious and inauspicious directions and locations. There is formula to calculate kua number. You can use our kua number calculator to find out what kua number you are.

Since the kua number determine which parts are good for you and where are not good for you. Therefore you can choose to spend more time on your auspicious location. Followings are the good locations dependant on your gua number and gender:

1. Kua Number is 1: the best auspicious location is in SE;
2. Kua Number is 2: the best auspicious location is in NE;
3. Kua Number is 3: the best auspicious location is in S;
4. Kua Number is 4: the best auspicious location is in N;
5. Kua Number is 5 and Male: the best auspicious location is in NE;
6. Kua Number is 5 and Female: the best auspicious location is in SW;
7. Kua Number is 6: the best auspicious location is in W;
8. Kua Number is 7: the best auspicious location is in NW;
9. Kua Number is 8: the best auspicious location is in SW;
10. Kua Number is 9: the best auspicious location is in E;

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Chinese Horoscope Allies and Secret Friend

Chinese Zodiac animals are consisting of 12 Chinese zodiac signs: the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Each of them implies a lot of information inside. Some zodiac signs are against each other; Some are allied together; Some are secret friends of others.

If Chinese zodiac animals are allied together, they will combine to another element and get stronger and more powerful. 12 animals are in one circle. Every 4 animals apart are allied as followings:
1. Rat, Dragon and Monkey are allied;
2. Ox, Snake and Rooster are allied;
3. Tiger, Horse and Dog are allied;
4. Rabbit, Sheep and Pig are allied

Chinese horoscope allies and secret friend

Therefore, people would like to display those allied animal statues together to let them stronger. For example, if someone’s zodiac sign is either Rat or Dragon or Monkey, he/she may display these three animal statues together at his/her home/office.

Besides of allied animals, animal’s secret friend acts as friends who can help you. Followings are the list of the secret friends:
1. Rat’s secret friend is Ox;
2. Ox’s secret friend is Rat;
3. Tiger’s secret friend is Pig;
4. Rabbit’s secret friend is Dog;
5. Dragon’s secret friend is Rooster;
6. Snake’s secret friend is Monkey;
7. Horse’s secret friend is Sheep;
8. Sheep’s secret friend is Horse;
9. Monkey’s secret friend is Snake;
10. Rooster’s secret friend is Dragon;
11. Dog’s secret friend is Rabbit;
12. Pig’s secret friend is Tiger;

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