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Feng Shui Tips for Home

1. Running water in feng shui signifies wealth. Activating your water feature can enhance your money luck. Water fountain is better in the right side of the main door when you walk in;
2. If your main door directly facing road, hang one convex Bagua mirror above the main door and place some trees or plants near to the main door to block some bad energy . However don’t put them in the directly in the center of the main door;
3. Don’t let sharp edges or protruding corners point to your house;
4. Toilet directly over the main door will bring bad luck;
5. Kitchen in the center of the house will cause bad temper;
6. Pair of Fu Dog in front of your house guard against bad energy into your house;
7. Three God (Fuk Luk Sau) in your living room bring luck of harmony, wealth and health;
8. Place one dragon statue near the water features, such as water fountain to bring achievement, fame and power;
9. Big animal statues will be in the living room. They will disturb your sleeping if you display them in the bed room.
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The Meanings of Gemstones

There are so many different kinds of gemstones which have different meanings. The most common gemstones are citrine stone, amethyst, rose quartz and Aventrine. In our site, we also have so many gemstone bracelets: Aqua Marine, blue lace agate, tiger eye, botswana, carnelian, rutile quartz, green garnet, labradorite, lapis lazuli malachite, moonstone, jade, obsidian, Onyx, quartz crystal, red goldstone, rhodonite, rutilated quartz, snowflake obsidian, sodalite and yellow calcite. The meanings of the gemstones are as followings:

Citrine Gemstone: Citrine stone represents wealth. It is the stone of wealth and has yellow color;
Amethyst Gemstone: meditation and healing stone related to mind, spirit. It has purple color;
Rose Quartz: love stone, pink color;
Aventurine Gemstone: stone of energy to enhance energy and ease pressure;
Aqua Marine: stone of courage to enhance intelligence and help communication, light green color and translucent;
Blue Lace Agate: healing stone to maintain health, light blue to white color and translucent;
Tiger Eye: stone of protection. It has different colors, most of them are gold;
Botswans: stone of healing to stimulate the exploration of the unknown thing. It has grey color;
Carnelian: stone of protection to protect against fear, anger and envy. It has red brown color;
Golden Rutile Quartz: stone for wealth and wisdom, golden color;
Green Garnet: stone of health, light green color and translucent;
Labradorite: It can deduce anxiety and stress. It has gray to smoky black color;
Lapis Lazuli Malachite: It connects between the physical and the mind. It can stimulate mental, emotional and physical purity. It has dark green color;
Moonstone: Moonstone is the stone of passionate love. It has shining light brown color;
Jade: Jade is the stone of health. It usually has green color;
Quartz Crystal: It helps energy healing and gives nourishment. It is clear and transparent;
Red Goldstone: It is used for energy healing. It has blood red color;
Rhodonite: Stone of Love. It has blood red color;
Rutilated Quartz: It is the stone of wisdom. It has clear with lines.
Snowflake Obsidian: It can improve confidence and self-esteem. It has gray to smoky black color;
Sodalite: It can enhance confidence, improve communication and accelerate spiritual growth. It has dark blue color;
Yellow Calcite: stone of protection. It has shining yellow color.

Feng Shui 2009 – Chinese Horoscope Snake

snake statue

Overall in 2009: Favorable star Santai, which is the star of power and authority, will gain you new appreciations and recognitions from your boss and colleagues. Thus your fame and position will rise to some extent. Being in potential compatible combo with zodiac ox, it will be a year of stability for Snake people, which also indicates there are few chances for switching jobs, moving house, and etc. It is better for you to stay rather than move. Without any other sustaining stars in your horoscope, the auspicious Santai star will be isolated and failing to develop its energy. On the contrary, several polecats that emerge in your constellation will wreck the opportunities in life. It seems everything is going fine in the surface; however, the encounter of gossips, baddie, and even lawsuits brings you troubles in the meantime. Be precautions anytime because the problems may be triggered at any moment.

Career: Promotion luck shows (particularly for those who were born in 1977); nonetheless, the completions in your work also enter white-hot stage. Star Five ghost, Zhibei( backstabber) are coming at you directly. You will be tormented most of the time due to embroiling in this strife. These personnel matters would be the biggest obstacle that hinders you from progressing.

Wealth: Besides promotional chances, Santai star will also bring you some raise. Among all the zodiacs, the Snake people enjoy the most wonderful financial luck, especially for those who engage in business or earn their income by the pieces (like real estate agent. These people may have chance to have a benefit of a big trade out of blue.

Relationship: Someone would stir up troubles in your life and formant dissension between you and others. Place the golden Class One Divination Stick in the northwest to obtain the support from the auspicious relationship star Tanglang. It is also the best cure to remedy your loss of impression and recognition in social life, especially beneficial for singles, for their images would be easily harmed in the eyes of those people that they admire in the heart due to the misunderstanding.

Health: There are not particular sick stars in your constellation, but remember that your uprising career tendency would bring you responsibility and pressure at the same time, and the personnel matters could also lead to exhaustion even sickness. Learn how to ease up yourself and make a healthy diet and schedule.

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