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Feng Shui 2009 – Chinese Horoscope Dragon

Chinese horoscope dragon

Overall in 2009: The presence of three ominous stars Goushen, Guansuo and Suisha will result in sudden setbacks, villain, troubles and entanglements. Side issues or new problems crop up unexpectedly. Fortunately, the only lucky star Taiyin will curb the development of these menacing stars to certain extent. As an auspicious star that represents the softness and negative power, Taiyin star will gain you supports from female. It means you will appreciations and exaltation from nice female in the work. However, the tortures from Taisui (Grand Jupiter) will still ruin your plans, bring you anxiety and stress, which would distract you from the work and affect the progress of your career.

Career: Due to the benefactor star Taiyin, people around you, particularly female people around you who play as superior role in your work (like your female boss), will begin to look at your endeavors with quite different eyes, and intent to raise you to a higher position. Nevertheless, villains, gossips, resistances and troublemakers who are jealous of your rises that result from torture of Taiui will drag your feet to the success. You will benefit from exercising your forbearance and being modest to others.

Wealth: From regular income perspective, there is little fluctuation. But you still need to work hard to get what you want. Extra cost indicates due to the visit of wastage star Goushen, which causes unforeseen cost and accidental loss. To make a strategic monetary plan in advance is helpful for you.

Relationship: Even though single male Dragon people would work very harmoniously with female people, this relationship had no tendency to love.

Health: Dragon people are susceptible to accidents that would come in all of a sudden. These contingent injuries result from the evil stars Tiansha and Suisha. To concentrate your mind when you are working or doing any sports, especially when you are handling machines or driving vehicles.

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Feng Shui 2009 – Chinese Horoscope Rabbit

Chinese Horoscope Rabbit

Overall in 2009: The general fortune is so-so. Lacking of any auspicious stars or benefactors, Rabbit people have to strive all by their own. There is no specific fortune is available for you to make a shortcut. In additions, several mourning stars will invade your constellation. The evil star Qiuyu( being Poisoned) will cause you gossips, penalty, punishment and legal entanglement. Fortunately, it is not a very powerful evil star. Contingents, accidental cost, unpredictable obstacles indicate due to the arrival of the ominous star Zaisha (disaster). Zaisha star will also cause you extra energy and time when you are proceeding on your work and finally may drive your effort in vain. The Rabbit people also have some family affair to worry about.

Career: Without the support of others, Rabbit people have to fight like an isolated force. Your mentor or your colleagues will not either be direct against you or be zealous to help you. Qiuyu star will cause you some punishment due to the mistakes in the work or improper acts in life. To observe all rules and regulations and conform to the convention would be beneficial for you. Zaisha star will block your work with unexpected hindrances. Besides, your house affair may distract your attention from the work this year. Do give yourself countenances when you are facing hardships.

Wealth: It is the year of hardworking; however, your diligent work may receive only all right reward, and the reduction and demotion will occur due to the disturbance from evil star. You should also restrict yourself from greed or carelessness, or else the lawsuits and financial losses may happen to you.

Relationship: If you didn’t; seize the romance chance last year; your romance fortune will retire in this coming year of Ox.

Health: The overall health status is ok. Those who were born in autumn will feel tired and strain their body easily this year, but it is not serious either. Keep a Silver Six Rod Element Balance wind Chime in the north and Ru Yi Brass Wu Lou in the west to remove ominous chi from ill stars Two black and Five yellow. Sangmen star suggests that there are some fluctuations or sudden changes of health problems happening to the elder people in your house, so do pay specific attention if you have any older people at home.

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Feng Shui 2009 – Chinese Horoscope Tiger

Chines Horoscope Tiger

Overall in 2009: It is such a joy that Taiyang star emerges in your constellation. As one of the most powerful propitious stars, Taiyang represents the sun and infinite strong positive energy. Taiyang star also indicates great benefactor luck for the Tiger people; it means Tiger people will be blessed by the male or elder powerful people (for instance, a high rank male authority). In addition, Guoyin star, a star of power and authority, is visiting your constellation. For those who have certain leadership in the work, this auspicious star will highlight the talent. However, the star Tiankong tends to make your hard work in vain. You should be ready to act according to the circumstances.

Career: You will receive the benefactor’s help in the work due to the illumination of star Taiyang. Female tiger people are easy to obtain appreciation and support from their mentors. When female Tiger people are proceeding to some important programs, they had better try to cooperate with male partner and consider more about their advice. Sustaining by the Guoyin star, Tiger people will have better promotional luck than others. But remember that chance favors only the prepared mind. Besides, the ominous star Huiqi will always let someone else beat you to it in the last minute.

Wealth: You will enjoy a great year with increased regular income; however, theft, robbery and burglary indicate due to the presence of ominous star Jiesha( killing and robbery). Be on the lookout for your property and always keep vigilant.

Relationship: It is a wonderful year of relationship luck. Both of your benefactor luck and romance luck will have a good development in 2009. What you need to beware of is that you may involve in a relationship of love triangle or extramarital affairs. Male Tiger people will meet their potential partner. If you already have one in mind, you should try to be on the initiative.

Health: Pay attention to some psychological health because the Guchen star and Huiqi star will affect your emotion.

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Feng Shui Tips for Health

In feng shui, different items have different significant. Some are for love, protection; Some are for health, wealth. Wu Lou, turtle, crane bird and peach are the most common use items for longevity.

Chinese jade is also believed that it can improve blood circulating and expel negative energy and turn it into healthy energy. Wearing jade bracelet or necklace is recommended for elders.

God of Longevity is the symbol of longevity. Displaying Sau statue or hanging red scroll of God of Longevity at home bring healthy chi.

6 rod wind chime can decrease the effect caused by 5 Yellow flying star or 2 Black that causes sick. In addition, 5 Element Pagoda is also the good choice to lower 5 Yellow. You also can carry one 5 Element Pagoda key chain or Wu lou amulet with you all time.

Ling Tzi Ru Yi is one of the most powerful feng shui items for curing diseases.

Mani Cylinder and Sandal wood mala bead necklace can enhance body energy.

More details of above items are at Feng Shui Tips for Health.

Feng Shui Tips for Protections

The locations of the Flying Stars are changed every year. Therefore the position for Tai Sui is also change. In 2009 year of the ox, Tai Sui is sitting in NE and facing SW. It is very important that any constructions in these two area will defend Tai Sui. Once you defend Tai Sui, you will get into big trouble. Doing any constructions in NE and SW this year will hurt you.

Carrying some amulets, such as the brass mirror, Four Heavenly King Protection Amulet, etc, with you all time is recomended.

Hang one Convex Bagua mirror, Wu Lou or Money Sword above the main door to reflect bad energy into your house. In addition, you also can display one pair of Foo Dogs facing the main door to watch your house.

Displaying Chi Lin or Pi Yao also can ward off evil chi. In addition, if you are doing business, Guan Gong, who is is the protectior of the politicians and business, is the best choice for your business.

Suggestion items for getting more protections is at Feng Shui Tips for Protections