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Feng Shui 2009 – Chinese Horoscope Ox

Ox statue

Overall in 2009 for Ox sign person: It is the year of the Ox, which means Ox people are against God of the year Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui).As long as a Zodiac offends Tai Sui, this zodiac will encounter lots of hardships, which include instabilities in life, difficulties of finances, changes of work, long journeys, vicissitudes, changelings, and so on. Particularly in this year, very few favorable stars in your constellation, you have to strive all by yourself most of the time. Due to the effect of offending Taisui, you will stay in the pessimistic mood throughout the year. Especially in lunar December (around the beginning of western January in 2010 to the beginning of western February in 2010), the downbeat emotion will reach the peak. It is better for you to go out and relax yourself in that month. But, remember there are some differences in two OX groups because there require different element in life. For those who were born between March 6th to August 8th, north and west region are better choices for travelling; for those who were born in the rest of the year, east and south region are their best choices.

Suggestions for Career: Due to the instability and tortuosity in the work (for examples, switches of jobs, work transfer, etc), some setbacks, pressures, troubles, twists and turns are unavoidable. However, changes also suggest new opportunities to you. Tangfu and Suijia stars will do you a favor in bringing some financial and fame occasions, Tangfu star is good for power control; Suijia star is good for bringing you appreciations of others and putting you in an important position. Nonetheless, the presence of menacing stars Jianfeng (sword and blade) and Posui (destroy) will ruin most of your turns. Be sure to avoid going ahead without considering the consequences; make a plan before you put your thoughts into practice, otherwise it will result in losses of fame and finance.

Suggestions for Wealth: There is some financial wastage in this year. Luckily, due to the visiting of Tangfu star and Suijia star, even though the financial state will be bad at first, it will be back to normal finally.

Suggestions for Relationship: There are no serious menacing stars invading your relationship palace; nevertheless, the unstable emotion will make you offend others unconsciously and cause you some relationship troubles. Lucky star Huagai is good for the work of creation, but it is producing the inexplicable feeling of loneness simultaneously, and Huangfan star will make you easily isolated and feel depressed.

Suggestions for Health: Rushing about on errands and life will cause Ox people plenty of stress and depression. Besides, due to offending Tai sui, diseases and accidental injuries are higher tendency to happen. Ox people are also susceptible to digestive disease, particularly in lunar June (around the beginning of western July to the beginning of western August), September (around the beginning of western October to the beginning of western November) and December (around the beginning of western January in 2010 to the beginning of western February in 2010).

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