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When to display feng shui items for 2009?

2009 Chinese New Year is on 01-26-09. Usually people think it is the time to display feng shui items for 2009. However 01-26-09 is traditional custom. The turning point of the energy for 2009 begins on the date of Start of Spring according to 24 Solar Term ( 24 Solar Term is one of 24 points in traditional East Asian lunisolar calendars that matches a particular astronomical event or signifies some natural phenomenon by the definition of Wikipedia ). Start of Spring for 2009 is on Feb. 4, 2009. Therefore 02/04/2009 is the date to display your feng shui items for 2009.

Feng Shui 2009 – Chinese Horoscope Rat

Chinese Rat Sign

Chinese Rat Sign

Overall in 2009 for Chinese Rat Sign: Different from the tough year that just passed, the Rat people will enjoy a relatively smooth year in 2009. Being in the congenial union with the zodiac Ox, Rat people gain the support from auspicious star Suihe. In one hand, Suihe is a star that prevents you from ominous interference; in the other hand, Suihe star is a star that has control of harmonious relationship between people.

Suggestions for Career: Benefiting by propitious Suihe star, Rat people, especially for those who engage in careers associated with relationship work (for examples, salesman, insurance, real estate agent, etc) easily have the support of people in the work. In addition, Tianyi star, a great benefactor star, will help you to fully develop your intelligence in the work and win the highly regard from your superiors/sponsors. For Rat people, it is a year of benefactor; nevertheless, it is also a year of slow improvement. Rat people will feel sluggish somehow, and don’t want to concentrate on the work. This kind of attitude will finally drive away your great promotion chances.

Suggestions for Wealth: Due to the blessing of stars Tianyi and Suihe, helpful people and suggestion are always being with you. As long as you work hard, you can enjoy a considerable repayment.

Suggestions for Relationship: Lucky star Yutang will help you to develop a pleasant relationship and in the work, but this situation limits within the work only.

Suggestions for Health: Health is the weakest link for Rat people this year. Sick star Bingfu will lower your resistance. Easily invaded by the germ, Rat people will have prolonged diseases and even have little sickness turned into the serious one. Pay more attention to your health this year, and try to keep the little diseases at bay. Do more exercises and carry a healthy daily plan. Keep the physical check on time is important.

More details of item chosen is at Chinese Zodiac Rat.

2009 Chinese New Year Festival Fair in San Diego

Jan. 26, 2009 is Chinese New Year. From this day, it will bring us to the Year of Ox. In order to celebrate Chinese New Year, there will be several celebration events in San Diego, CA annually. Chinese New Year Food and Cultural Fair hold in Downtown, San Diego is the most famous event.

The street Chinese New Year festival includes traditional lion & dragon dancing, Chinese acrobats, live music, arts performance, children’ activities, etc. It is free for all ages.

This Chinese New Year festival fair in downtown san diego will be scheduled at 10:0 am – 5:00 pm from Feb. 7 – Feb. 8, 2009.

This street event will be located in 404 Third Ave. San Diego, Ca 92101.

Learn Chinese people how to celebrate Chinese New Year at Chinese New Year.

New Items Added (#2321 – #2327)

We added new item #2321 – #2327:

#2321 Chi Lin statues are 2 separated golden chi lin. People can get one more chi lin to make it 3 chi lin for the 3 killing flying stars;

#2322 is red color sitting Kuan Yin on lotus and carring vase. It is medium size that suits for altar;

#2323 Double Fish is two beautiful golden fish jumping over dragon gate. Displaying it at home is good for wealth and career;

#2325 and #2326 are Red Buddha and 7 Buddha has 7 different Buddha representing different meanings on the stand;

#2327 Money Frog has good looking and red color. It is sitting on one bed of ingot and one coin in its mouth. It is the first choice of the money frogs.

Tabs for Product Details

We have added related products to almost every item. Therefore each  item has 3 Tabs at the page of Product Details. These 3 Tabs are Overview, Related Products and Tell a Friend. In the Tab of Related Products, you can find similar items in one page. Therefore it is easier to find and compare similar items.

The Related Products and Tell a Friend Tabs are in red color under the position of Add To Wishlist. After you click it, the red color will change to white.

After you click the Tab of Related Products, it will list all the related ivory elephants for you shown as followings:

Related Products for Ivory Elephant

Related Products for Ivory Elephant