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Ox Statues addes for Year of Ox 2009

1. Add two new Ox statues: item #2316 Golden Ox Statues and item #2317 Feng Shui Ox. Item #2316 is carrying one big feng shui ingot. This statue is very similar to item #2215 Golden Ox Statues that is carrying one chain of feng shui coins. Item #2317 represents a auspicious year of Ox 2009 in Chinese astrology.

2. update 3 photos for item #1877 Chinese Dragon Turtles ,  item #985 Feng Shui Dragon Turtles and item #1245 Money Toad Figurines

Recomend to Carry Fortune Bag

Feng shui fortune bag is consisting of one bag, one tiny book of Buddha script, one emperor coin and some gem stones;

Buddha script is believed to bring wisdom , good luck and safety.

The emperor coin in this fortune bag is the symbol of wealth;

Gemstones belongs to one of the 7 Buddha treasures. People use gemstone to enhance body energy.

It is recommended to keep this fortune with you to bring wealth, safety and good energy.

New Items #2301 – #2315 Added

1. New Coin Bracelet added – Item #2301 . This item substitutes item #1854 3-coin bracelet.  Similar Coin Bracelet is item #1854;

2. 4 new jade charms are posted:item #2302 – item #2304;

  • Item #2302 yellow jade charm is for good luck;
  • Item #2303 yellow jade charm symbolizes safety;
  • Item #2304 jade charm has the meaning of wealth;
  • Item #2305 jade charm stands for love.

3. Item #2306 Brass Rooster added. It is made out of solid brass and it is the good choice for whom need metal element;

4. Item #2307 Cloisonne Bracelet is added. There are white, blue, red, pink and green different colors;

5. Red, Blue and Dark Purple pi yao liu li bracelets added. They are adjustable bracelets – Red Pi Yao Liu Li Bracelet is item #2308 , Dark Purple is item #2309 and Blue is added to option of item #2213;

6. Wooden Scrolls with different pictures added. There are Panda, 9 fishes, great wall, crane bird and peacock

Feng Shui Import Blog Launch!

Welcome to Feng Shui Blog! On Christmas day 2008, we launch our blog. There are 3 categories in our Feng Shui Import Blog – Item Category, Articles and Events.

1. Category related to Items: including new items added and items out of stocks. It is good for our drop shippers to check this category and update their information;

2. Articles & Tips: We will post new feng shui articles, tips, Chinese horoscope, etc periodically;

3. Events: announcing on sale, coupon code given out or new programs launched, etc.

Merry Christmas!